Will you – or won’t you?  

Making a will is for older people, right? Wrong! Nobody knows when they’re going to die – that’s not being morbid, that’s just reality. And if you haven’t planned ahead and made a will you could be leaving behind a whole heap of problems when you’re gone. 
No will – no choice in who gets your money 
With a will, you get to decide who inherits from your estate. Without a will, you don’t – it’s left to intestacy laws to distribute your assets to your family in a set order. That might work out fine, or it might not... 
No will – nothing for your common law partner 
The intestacy laws follow a strict hierarchy – and unmarried couples aren’t included. If you’re not married and you don’t have a will, your partner will get nothing. 
No will – no guardians for your children 
Make a will and you can appoint guardians to take responsibility for your children when you’re gone. No will? The courts will decide who has them... and that person could be your least-favourite in-law! 
No will – nothing left to your stepchildren 
Stepchildren aren’t taken into account under the intestacy laws – so if you haven’t left a will, they’ll be unable to inherit. 

Isn't it expensive? 

Single Will £165.00 
Mirror Wills for couples £295.00 
As full members of the Society of Will Writers you can be assured of our quality of service at all times. 
Where there’s a will, there’s peace of mind 
A will gives you peace of mind that your estate will go to exactly who you want it to. No arguments, no family disputes, no upset when you’re gone – just clear instructions about your final wishes. 
Leave it to Custom Wills to write your will. We are members of the Society of Will Writers so you can be assured of our quality of service at all times. We offer home visits so you can take all the time you need to talk through exactly what you want to include. We’ll advise you on contingency plans to ensure every eventuality is covered and nothing is left to chance. The result? A thoroughly written, locktight will that your loved ones can depend on. 
To chat about making a will, contact us on 01767 682609 or hello@customwills.co.uk 

"I don't know what to put in my will" 

Custom Wills will advise you through the process of making a Will, making it easy, affordable and convenient. We write our clients' Wills to stand the test of time, have fixed fees and offer FREE home visits or Skype calls. 
We aim to offer a high quality of service at every stage of the Will Writing process whilst remaining affordable for our clients. Our strength is our personal service and dedication to customer care. 
Please get in touch to book your no obligation home visit or Skype call or to find out more simply call 01767 682609. We can be contacted by Email at hello@customwills.co.uk 
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